劍橋大學電話英語口語教程Unit 08 任務 1(1)

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劍橋大學電話英語口語教程UNIT 08 HANDLING COMPLAINTS 處理投訴, Task 1(1)電話催賬。

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第8單元 處理投訴

Task 1 (1)


Receptionist: Data 5 Services. Good morning. Can I help you?

早上好,這里是Data 5服務公司,有什么可以幫您?

Claude Bernard: Good morning. Could I speak to Amy Denver in the Accounts Department, please?

早上好,請幫我找財會處的Amy Denver可以嗎?

Receptionist: Certainly-I'll just transfer you.


Amy Denver: Data 5 Services Accounts Department. Amy Denver speaking. Can I help you?

這里是Data 5財會處,我是Amy Denver,有什么可以幫您?

Claude Bernard: Yes, I hope so. It's Claude Bernard from BJZ Computers.

希望沒錯。我是BJZ電腦公司的Claude Bernard。

Amy Denver: Hello, Claude, how are you?


Claude Bernard: I'm fine, except we've got a problem. I'm calling to try to chase up an overdue payment.


Amy Denver: Oh, really? We always process invoices for payment the same week we receive them.


Claude Bernard: We've sent you three emails about this overdue payment, and we've heard nothing, so I thought I'd better call you.


Amy Denver: I'm very sorry. I'll have to look into this. Can you give me the invoice number, please, and the date?


Claude Bernard: Of course. It's invoice number BJZ 98452 and it's dated the 3rd of October.

當然。發票號碼是 BJZ 98452,日期是10月3日。

Amy Denver: And how much is it for?


Claude Bernard: It's for €150,000.


Amy Denver: OK, I'm just looking at our records - BJZ 98452, dated the 3rd of October, for €150,000. The invoice was processed on the 8th of October, so it should have gone through in the normal way.

好的, 我正在查看記錄—— BJZ 98452,10月3日,150000歐元。我們10月8日已經處理過這張發票了,所以應該已經沒問題了呀。

Claude Bernard: Can you check how you were paying it?


Amy Denver: Yes, I can, hold on ... I can see an instruction to our bank to pay the full amount by banker's draft.


Claude Bernard: Well, I wonder why we haven't received the money then - it doesn't make sense.


Amy Denver: Oh no ... I've seen something here. Perhaps it does make sense.I can see the instruction, but there's no confirmation that the instruction was sent to the bank. I think it's been sitting here in the computer, but the person responsible didn't quite finish the job. I don't believe it!


Claude Bernard: Well at least that would explain it.


Amy Denver: Yes, I really am sorry about this. It's obviously a major slip-up. I'll send the instruction to the bank myself right now, marked 'urgent', so you should have payment by the end of the week.


Claude Bernard: Thank you very much.


Amy Denver: That's OK - I can only apologise on behalf of Data 5 Services. I'm going to have a word right now with the person who is responsible for the error and make sure it never happens again!

不客氣——我代表 Data 5 服務公司向您致歉。我現在就找負責這件事的人談話,確保不會有下一次!

Claude Bernard: Well, I'll leave you to it. Bye for now.


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